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Mobile App Vs Website – Which to build first for your startup or Business?

As the world is going digital businesses and startups are busy making their websites and mobile apps. But, the question is which one will make your business more successful? The very general idea that everyone has is coming era will be more of mobile than laptops or

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5 Effective Tips To Double The Sales Through Your Ecommerce Site

An excellent eCommerce website can work wonders for your business and can help you to achieve new milestones. In order to build a power-packed visually interactive eCommerce site, it is mandatory for you to hire the services of a credible website development company. These companies are aware

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Facebook says hackers could access some apps

Facebook says a hack affecting 50 million users could also have given attackers access to other apps. Facebook’s vice president of product, Guy Rosen, says that attackers with access to a Facebook user’s account could also have accessed other apps if they had logged into them using

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