Mobile App Vs Website – Which to build first for your startup or Business?

As the world is going digital businesses and startups are busy making their websites and mobile apps. But, the question is which one will make your business more successful?

The very general idea that everyone has is coming era will be more of mobile than laptops or other gadgets. But, that does not mean the web is dead. Similarly, mobile simply does not mean only mobile applications. So, how to excel in the future of the web? Through a mobile app or through the website? There are a lot of pros and cons involved in both.

The answer is chosen according to your requirements and the type of audience you want to pull into your business. It is important for the businessmen to understand the importance of a mobile-friendly website and app. Consider these questions before you interact with any Web Design and Development Company Toronto.

How much budget you have?

The first thing that any business or startup considers before going online is how much budget they have and how much they will require for getting a satisfactory digital solution. Most Web Design and Development Company Toronto will recommend you to develop a website first then a mobile app as it is a cheaper option. You will get all the content on one interface through a website which requires less work. While User Interface of an app should be adjusted to each platform like Android and iOS app. You need to invest huge data for developing different apps for different platforms. It will definitely cost you more per operating system. So, contact some Top Canadian App Developers to know the detailed requirement for your business.

Which has better speed?

Nowadays, the world is fast-paced. So, no one has time to explore over a slow platform for their needs. So, consider which one is the speedy mode of browsing? Website or a mobile app?

The mobile app is, of course, faster but it takes time during installation. If the user is browsing for general information or he is not a frequent visitor installing a mobile app will be more time-taking than visiting a website. Also, you have to develop mobile applications for all popular mobile operating platforms such as iOS, Android, or Windows. But, it can be accessed offline. So, if your business requires such an interaction of user you may develop a mobile app. A mobile site always requires internet access so, consider this factor while choosing between both.

Which is more accessible?

It is well-known that a mobile app is more interactive and can interact with all kinds of other phone features. The user can access phone contacts, location services, camera or any such features through the mobile app which a website cannot. But, a good mobile site can be navigated from a mobile browser and a visitor can get information even if he doesn’t have time to install the mobile app.

Also, mobile applications or a website should have all the user-friendly features otherwise it can only annoy the user. So, consider which one you can have in a better way for your business. If you don’t have a good mobile app you can take help of Mobile App Developers Toronto for growing your business.

Which is more cost effective?

Making a good mobile application is costlier than building or upgrading a mobile site. But, making a good mobile application can be costly for startups. Mobile apps also have platform dependency so, you have to choose for which platform you want a mobile app like iOS app (for iPhone and iPad), an Android app, or a Windows Mobile App. You may also have to develop different mobile apps for different platforms. But, a responsive website works well on all the platforms. So, you need a good budget to get users on all of the platforms otherwise investing a huge amount in making a mobile app is not a viable option for you. If you have less budget, then launching your mobile site first will be recommended by all Top Canadian App Developers.

Which one is more user-friendly?

Most of the websites have a static and navigational user interface. But mobile apps can have an interactive user interface. A responsive web design approach on the other hand addresses. It also resolves much of the usability issues for a mobile-friendly website. But, the mobile app has an edge here as it is a native application and has a better mechanical phenomenon.

So, you should consider which is the need of your business. For example -A mobile app will be better for a game development company than a web app. So, Top Canadian App Developers will recommend an app if your startup is a game or other such application-required business, you would definitely want to launch a mobile app first.

What is a Marketing point of view?

If you have a systematic investment plan, a mobile site is a clear winner for your business. It is especially recommended by Top Canadian App Developers from a marketing point of view. Here are some of the important marketing channels available today for your startup and you should see whether they are good for your mobile app or mobile website.

Search Engine Optimization is possible only for the mobile site. To reach users or the wider population you always have to get along with the latest SEO trends. If you choose a mobile app you can’t keep updated through constant revision of your website. Hence, you will miss a big chunk of search engine traffic.

Search Engine Marketing is a paid option and doesn’t make sense to start marketing on Google Adwords through your mobile app.

If you have such a business which requires consumers search on app stores then, mobile apps can be an advantage for this purpose. But, you have to take help of Best Mobile App Developers Toronto to get your app ranked for the ‘desired’ keywords.

Do you want is suitable for Affiliate & Referral Marketing?

Affiliate marketing or referral marketing is better possible through websites where you can better leverage marketing strategies than mobile apps. So, you should consider the point that does you want to attract consumers to your business through this strategy.

Which is more suitable for Traditional Mass Media?

Traditional Mass Media Platforms such as television, radio, newspaper etc. works for both the website and mobile app. But, a website is a clear winner from a marketing point of view as well. If you want to do it through a mobile app you need to have a sound marketing and advertising budget. So, for startups Top Canadian App Developers recommend, launching your website first for rolling your ball. Then, you can rely upon viral marketing if you see your consumers want you to launch your mobile app.

Offline or Online Interaction?

Accessibility to the internet is still a big problem for many parts of the world. So, analyze well for how long one can need your services. For offline accessibility, you need to build complementary, location-dependent apps. So, apps will be more required for offline mode of navigation than a website. If you think that your solution caters mostly to users who are offline-then it’s much better to develop an app where the user can access your services whenever it’s needed. For Example -dictionaries provide accessibility to know words even when an internet connection is not there. Users can use it whenever they need while traveling in a different land or at educational institutions.

Who you want to target?

The success of any business is most importantly dependent on understanding the needs of your audience and target market first. Does your customer need your services on a daily or hourly basis? For a Social Media platform need of an app is must while a corporate website of a company makes more sense to come up with a mobile-friendly website. Similarly, a railway or flight booking business needs an application to make the accessibility wherever it is necessary.

How often will you be improving your business information?

Think well how often you need to update your data? If you need to constantly change the content or the data or your business platform, developing a website would be much better than investing in a mobile app. Mobile App Developers Toronto recommends most of the banks, news, and hospitality industry a web-based service. This will be easily updated through a website and your users will no longer have to update the whole application. All you need to do is just update the website content.

The Conclusion – Website first or mobile app?

The conclusion is that, unless you are a mobile-only startup, website first is the way to go. There are several examples of startups and businesses that have first launched their website. Instead of paying a huge amount in developing an app you can consider making your website more user-friendly and rank it first among Search Engine pages.

5 Effective Tips To Double The Sales Through Your Ecommerce Site

An excellent eCommerce website can work wonders for your business and can help you to achieve new milestones. In order to build a power-packed visually interactive eCommerce site, it is mandatory for you to hire the services of a credible website development company. These companies are aware of the latest web development trends and can help you in creating a site that is capable to provide customers with an engaging shopping experience. But before hiring a web development partner, let’s take a look at the five effective tips that can help you to double your sales through your own eCommerce website.

1. Get Ready To Take The Mobile Advantage: Nowadays, mobile commerce is increasing in a revolutionary manner. Therefore, it is essential for you to design your eCommerce site is such a way so that it provides customers with the best possible experience while they browse it on their smartphones. Also, a mobile app is a powerful weapon for enhancing the performance of an eCommerce website so you should also plan to invest some money in mobile app development as it can bring multiple benefits for your business in the long-run.

2. Make Sure To Provide Customers With Secured Payment Transactions: Online security of the financial credentials of the customers is one of the top priorities for an owner of an eCommerce site. You can win the loyalty and trust of your sites’ visitors with secure payment gateways. Ensure that their personal financial data is in safe hands and increase the eCommerce sales more than your expectations. Also, you can provide customers different options to pay for their purchased products and services such as Visa, Master Cards, etc.

3. Tempt Customers With Appealing Visuals & Images: With the help of incorporating attractive HD images of products, you can grab and retain the attention of the users. These images and visuals are the first impressions the visitors get when they visit your eCommerce site for the very first time. Also, their buying decisions get influenced by the quality of the images as they cannot see them physically. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to incorporate high-quality HD images into your eCommerce site and enhance them by offering features such as the zoom facility and 360-degree rotation.

4. Incorporate Quality Content: Innovative, informative, and quality content can easily entice customers. Also, it has the capacity to drive more sales for your online stores. Quality content is a powerful brand-building tool that can engage and retain customers’ attention in the long-run. Therefore, you should incorporate quality content into your eCommerce website and update it frequently so that to keep it fresh always.

5. Include Videos For Demonstration Purpose: eCommerce websites that have videos can get the users to spend 88% more time on their pages in comparison to the others. You can include influential videos in order to give customers a demonstration of your products and services. Videos resonate more with people, so there are more chances that they’ll remember what they watched as opposed to just reading about it. Therefore, videos can be a powerful tool to attract new customers to your eCommerce website.

To conclude, by following the above-mentioned tips you can easily increase the sales through your eCommerce site. In case you want to build a customized eCommerce site tailored to suit your specific business needs, get in touch with an efficient website development company who has a wealth of experience in creating top-notch eCommerce websites that can help you to meet the cut-throat competition of the fast-paced growing web development world.

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Facebook says hackers could access some apps

Facebook says a hack affecting 50 million users could also have given attackers access to other apps.

Facebook’s vice president of product, Guy Rosen, says that attackers with access to a Facebook user’s account could also have accessed other apps if they had logged into them using their Facebook username and password.

A feature called Facebook Login allows people to use their Facebook credentials to sign into certain other apps and services.

Rosen wouldn’t say if there was any evidence that attackers misused access to those third party accounts. He says it could have affected apps tied to someone’s Facebook account, including Facebook’s own Instagram app — although not its WhatsApp messaging service.

He says affected users will now have to manually re-link those third party apps to their Facebook accounts.

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